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Grooved Machine bed Extrusion

Grooved Machine bed Extrusion

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This little section was developed by us for making adaptable machine & fabrication  beds. 

Its ideal for CNC routers, Engravers and whatever else you can dream up.

One face is designed to take our standard 40 series spring nuts, Tee bolts or Clamps. The other face and sides take our 20 series hardware.

The 40x20 machine bed is supplied in a mill finish (not anodised like our other extrusions). Being raw finish also makes it possible to mill the surface perfectly flat on router beds and keeps costs down.

Please note cut lengths longer than 1600mm must be sent by heavy freight, not standard courier. (around $50 for NI and $60 for SI addresses) shorter cut lengths can be sent by courier at much lower rates.

Our Cutting Tolerances are:


CAD Files:

DXF Profiles: AluminiumExtrusionCoVSlot.DXF

Deflection Calculator:

Microsoft Excell file: AEC Deflection Calculator.xls