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ALEXCO Digital Saw Stop

ALEXCO Digital Saw Stop

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Introducing our Simple Accurate Digital Saw Stop, designed for all types of saws.

Crafted with durable 8mm solid aluminum plate construction and featuring 3x roller bearing guides for stability, our saw stop is built to last. With easily replaceable components and powered by standard AA batteries lasting up to 18 months, maintenance is a breeze.

Based on our reliable 40 series extrusion, you have the flexibility to customize your table frame, fence, and fixings to your specific needs. Say goodbye to overpriced and flimsy alternatives on the market—we developed this solution out of frustration with existing options.

Our kit includes everything you need for the saw stop assembly ready to use, including the matching length of 40x80 V slot extrusion for the size of your saw stop. Whether you're retrofitting onto your existing table or creating a new setup with our 40x40 and 40x80 system, our saw stop fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Perfect for wood, aluminum, or steel cutting, our saw stop boasts impressive accuracy. Out of the box, it typically achieves better than +- 0.5mm over 6m. With some calibration time (instructions and calibration bar provided), achieving +-0.15 mm over 6m is easily attainable. Tested rigorously on our finishing saw for months, we're consistently impressed by its precision and reliability, requiring minimal adjustments or re-zeroing.

Note the selected length is the overall length of the supplied extruusion.  The effective travel of the stop will be about 250mm less.

Comparable to brands like Profistop and Tigerstop, our solution comes at a fraction of the cost.

Each unit is made to order, with a manufacturing lead time of 2 days. 


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