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40x40 Aluminium Extrusion- From $20 per metre

20x40 Aluminium V slot Extrusion

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20x40  V slot Extrusion

Silver satin anodised



We proudly make this extrusion in New Zealand.

Slot edges are chamfered to suit V slot wheels for use as linear rails.

Centre hole is designed to be threaded to M5 using a standard metric tap.


Unfortunately we are not setup to do custom cutting or custom lengths for smaller orders at this stage.

The good news is aluminium extrusion can be cut successfully with a standard builders drop saw or mitre saw. Make sure you have a sharp (new) fine tooth blade.

A little light oil, CRC or kerosene will help getting a clean cut.

Our Cutting Tolerances are:

Our Cutting Tolerances are:

600mm (+-1mm)

1205mm (+-1mm)

2415mm (+-1mm)


CAD Files:

DXF Profiles: AluminiumExtrusionCoVSlot.DXF